Q and A

Q & A
What payment methods are available?
At this time we are unable to take credit or debit. However, cash and check are accepted.

When do I pay?
Payment is expected at the beginning of the photo session.

Does CG Photography offer prints?
Yes we do! The rates for prints can be found under the Prices & Products tab on the right side of the page.

Do CG Photography’s services extend beyond what is listed?
Of course! Going to prom? Having a birthday party? Baby shower? Family reunion? Anything you can think of CG Photography can cover! Prices for special events are available upon request.

How far will CG Photography travel?
CG Photography is a small photography company. Do to this the traveling distance is within 50 miles of our base. Compensation for travel and lodging beyond that distance will be additional.

How long does it take for me to receive the CD of my photographs?
For photo sessions it should not take more than a month and usually takes less than that. For weddings or other large events the wait time is longer. Unexpected delays may cause the time to lengthen.

Are props welcome?
Props are not only welcome but encouraged. Do you like to read? Bring your collection of Harry Potter Books! Need help thinking of ideas for props? Need help finding a specific prop? E-mail me at
Cg-Photography@hotmail.com and I can help you!
Other prop ideas:
-          Club T-Shirts
-          Shoe collection
-          Sports Uniform & Equipment
-          Sheet Music or Instrument
-          Car, Sea Doo or Motorcycle
-          Favorite Toys
-          Awards / Metals

Are pets welcome?
Pets are always welcome! There no additional charge if you want to involve you pet in your photo session, unless it is a photo session involving only your animal. The rate for a pet only photo session is the same as the Single Portrait Package.

What should I wear?
You can wear anything you want! Want photos of you in your school jersey? Done! How about your Halloween costume? That is fine too!
However, for a more traditional look there are some suggestions you might want to keep in mind.
-          Patterns should be avoided. The photographs are meant to be of you and not your clothing. Patterns take the focus off of you and place it upon what you are wearing.  This does not mean patterns don’t work for a photo shoot. However, they commonly cause distractions.
-          Keep in mind your tan lines. Clothing that shows these lines should be avoided. In addition any outfits that exposes underclothing (i.e. bra straps) are advised against.
-          For a group shot you want to reduce distractions such as bare skin on your arms and legs. In order to accomplish this, long pants, jeans or skirts are advised. In addition long sleeved tops are suggested.
-          Also groups of people being photographed together should coordinate what they are wearing. Similar solid colors are ideal to form consistency. For example, everyone wears dark wash jeans and a red top. 
-          Don’t forget about shoes and accessories! They can create added disruption from the main focus of the photograph, you!
In my opinion keep it simple, classic and casual. Though if loud and bright is who you are, don’t be afraid to show it!
*These are just recommendations. Never be afraid to show your unique style and personality!

Can I bring multiple outfits?
You are welcome to bring changes of clothing but keep in mind that changing your clothes takes time and may eat into your session. Two outfits are best, though three outfits are welcome. More than three outfits in an hour session are not suggested.

What about my hair?
Do not get a haircut less than a week before your photo shoot. Don’t be afraid to wear your hair anyway you want. Just keep in mind that large hair accessories can be distracting.
In addition make sure you are manicured appropriately. Take care of what needs to be shaved, don’t forget your armpits.

What if a pimple shows up the day of my photo session?
If you are worried about a stress pimple, you can stop right now. Almost any blemish on your skin can be edited away by CG Photography. However, unshaven areas of the face, under arms and legs usually cannot be fixed with editing. In addition, tan lines are difficult to remove. Keep these things in mind when preparing and choosing outfits for you photo session.

*Prices are subject to change and are non-negotiable. Booking prices will be honored.